Karst pancetta

Karst pancetta is dried bacon richly interspersed with muscle. Muscle and bacon are well connected and in just the right proportions. The mixture of spices, predominated mainly by pepper, enriches the Karst pancetta with an extremely pleasant smell and taste. The taste is complemented by sea salt from the Piran salt pans.

Karst pancetta
Approx. weight 1 kg

Kraška panceta 1/2

Protected geographical indication

The selection of meaty and fresh bacon is important for the production of Karst pancetta. The pancetta is made in the shape of a rectangle. Salting is done in the traditional, dry way using coarse sea salt. All stages of production from salting to drying / maturing take place in the Karst, which is the recognized area for the production of Karst pancetta. Producers who have their entire production process organized in the Karst area have the right to label “Karst pancetta”. A protected geographical indication maintains the protection of tradition and technological process, which in the special karst climate enable the production of a Slovenian product of characteristic quality.