Karst zašink

Karst zašink is a boneless dried pork neck of a characteristic oval shape. In cross-section, the karst ham is marbled, which means that fat is ingrown between the muscle tissue, and is thus the main carrier of the rich smell and special taste. The rich aroma and taste of the Karst zašink is given by a mixture of spices, predominated by garlic and pepper. The product is salted with sea salt from the Piran salt pans.

Karst zašink 1/1
Approx. weight 800 g

Kraški zašink 1/1

Karst zašink 1/4
Approx. weight 500 g

Kraški zašink 1/4

Protected geographical indication

Karst zašink is part of the meat products protected by a protected geographical indication. A protected geographical indication is a European quality scheme covering crops or foodstuffs originating in a particular region, place or country, an agricultural product or foodstuff having a specific quality, reputation and other characteristics originating in a particular geographical area.

Karst zašink matures for at least twelve weeks. It is wrapped in a special mesh, which gives it a characteristic flat shape. The special karst climate enables the production of a Slovenian product of special quality. All production phases from salting, drying, i.e. maturing and preparation for the market take place in the Karst area. Salting is done in the traditional, dry way.